What’s New in Oracle Primavera Unifier Version 15.2 Webcast

Oracle's Primavera Unifier provides a best-in-class cloud-based solution for managing capital projects and facilities of any size in every vertical market. It combines rich cost management and control, document management, schedule and resource management, fund management, and more.

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  • Production Bundles
  • Cash Flow Curve enhancements
  • New type of SOV within Contracts/Change Orders/Payment Applications
  • Business Process Enhancements

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Watch this on-demand webcast with Q&A to learn about significant improvements in the 15.2 version, including:

• Additional support within Primavera Analytics
• Production Bundles
• Cash Flow Curve enhancements
• New type of SOV within Contracts/Change Orders/Payment Applications
• Business Process Enhancements

• Providing enhancements to the extract process to include additional
Business Process and Shell, Workflow and Summary Sheet data.
• Business Process and Shell enhancements will allow user to configure their
own Data Elements to be extracted into Analytics in order to provide
analysis, dashboards and historical trending.
• Workflow data will allow users to analyze the likes of planned and actual
durations of workflows, which vendors are responding in the time
expected, who has the largest number of tasks assigned to them etc.
• Summary Sheet data will allow users to analyze cost and unit data from
Primavera P6 by Cost Code and Resource and also be able to compare
across baselines.

Additional Business Process Attributes
• User can now define their own
attributes that will be included in
the extract process for Analytics.
• User will select a pre-defined
name, which Data Element
corresponds to the name and the
label that will be used in Analytics.


• Workflow details are extracted for all BPs that are listed under the Business Processes.
• Data Extracted includes:
– Workflow setups
– Workflow details
• Durations
– Task details
• Duration
• Assignees
• CCs

Summary Sheets

• The user will be able to define which Summary Sheet Data Sources
will be extracted to Analytics.
• Each Data Source typically represents a different baseline
which provides the ability to develop analysis, dashboards and
historical trends for the current project forecast.

Production Bundles
• Design Bundles currently only contain the BP design. After being imported
into another environment they still require a significant amount of setup
before they can be used.
• This enhancement introduces Production Bundles which take what Design
Bundles currently contain and add more of the configuration that can then
be imported into another environment.
• Using Production Bundles ensures that the configuration is consistent
across environments and significantly reduces the effort required by

• Moving of the Data Picker and Data Elements, where relevant, has also
been done for:
– Document Manager
– Schedule Manager
– Shell Manager
– Space Manager
– Configurable Manager

Production Bundle Contents
• Design Bundles
– Tagged Business Process Designs, now including the Data Picker and Data Elements
– Tagged Custom Reports
– Tagged Data Cubes (related Data Views are automatically included)
• Data Structures
– Data Definitions and Data Elements included in the Design Bundles including default
values and value/label datasets.
– Dynamic Data Sets included in the Design Bundles.
– Cost Codes

Approval Via Email
• Originally intended simply for approval and therefore no changes to data or
form processing.
• Customers now wanting to capture the action taken, when it was taken and
who took the action and have formulas evaluated based on these fields.
• Approval Via Email now does full form validation and processing as if
someone was manually taking the action.
• If any validation fails or any error occurs then the action taker will receive
an email with details of the issue and will then have to manually take
action within Unifier.
Impact of 15.2 Release
• Cloud Customers:
– New cloud customers will be provisioned with 15.2 as soon as on-premise and cloud
GA is announced
– Existing cloud customers should work through Support to schedule their upgrade
• Patch Sets:
– All patch sets will be based on the 15.2 release
– Release 15 will have monthly patch sets until Release 16 ships
• After Release 16 ships, patch sets for release 15 will be less frequent
– Only interim patches will be made available for 15.1.x
• Priority 1, System down type fixes only

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