What is Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Visualizer

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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management provides powerful options for creating robust timescaled graphical reports with the Visualizer feature. Visualizer uses the latest technology to provide highly configurable options to easily display even the most complex project information. Visualizer has a direct connection to the Primavera P6 database allowing live access to the most current project, program and portfolio data.

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Key Features

• Stack fields in the activity table to maximize horizontal space
• Color Code bars and endpoints
• Apply unlimited labels with individual font settings
• Display lag on relationship lines to convey additional details
• Vary the timescale using the timeline zoom option
• Use connector blocks to display external relationships

Gantt Diagrams
In the Visualizer Gantt diagrams, there are options to stack fields within the activity table and configure the font for each field individually. This ensures that important information may be noticed at a glance. Row heights automatically adjust and lists of values may be included in the activity table, such as Resources, Notebook Topics or a list of steps for an activity. These new features allow for a great deal of information to be displayed in a smaller space in the activity table while maximizing the horizontal space in the overall diagram.

Timescaled Logic Diagrams
The Visualizer timescaled logic diagrams are also highly configurable with all of the same options that are available in Gantt diagrams, such as a variable timeline, unlimited bar labels, color coding and bar shape options, connector blocks and options
for displaying relationship lines. TSLDs enable you to display more than one activity per row, which condenses the project plan and the chains of activities that drive the project schedule. In addition, each activity may be represented by multiple bars which provides greater flexibility in displaying information.

Report Usage and Distribution
Visualizer layouts may be global, project or user level allowing them to easily be shared across an organization. Sharing layouts saves time and effort and also helps to support consistency in reporting. Many of our customers rely heavily on Primavera P6’s graphical reports to help drive the daily operation of project work and provide status updates to the larger team. The reports may be referenced for daily or weekly status meetings or they may be used as a means to provide team members their list of work for the day. Once a project has been updated with the latest status, there is a need to quickly distribute the schedule reports to the project team. Primavera P6 provides the capability to do batch runs of the Visualizer reports. This ensures that the reports are run efficiently and distributed to the appropriate groups. The reports may be sent to a printer or a pdf file. Visualizer supports printing pages from letter size to E sheet or A4 for our international customers.

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