Webinar: Smart City Transformation Roadmaps: Delivering Better Financial Governance and Management

On March 9th, 2016, Meeting of the Minds hosted a live webinar, featuring Werner Maritz, Director, Public Sector and Infrastructure Industry Strategy, Oracle.




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City managers and leaders around the world are faced with growing urban populations and decreasing financial and human resources to deliver adequate services across the city-region. The challenge of improving urban sustainability must be seen against a backdrop of increasing environmental and social conflicts, economic pressure, and competition for public and private investment in and around the city. City managers are often faced with challenges related to ensuring basic human rights, dignity, safety and security for the poorest of residents while delivering on the lifestyle demands and expectations from the city’s elite. Often these diverse groups are living in close proximity of each other and pose enormous resource allocation challenges for city leaders. As a result, city management must prioritize certain capital and social investment to deliver on the strategic objectives of the city, a fine balancing act indeed.

A significant challenge in the implementation of Smart City Transformation Roadmaps is related to securing adequate funding for projects. Development Financing Institutions (DFI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) indicate that adequate funding is available to realize smart city transformation goals. But they have two main investment decisions to consider:

1) The availability of investment grade project opportunities

2) The assurance that adequate financial control and governance processes are in place during the project implementation phase.

This webinar will look at the following case studies:

Infrastructure Development in Gauteng Province, South Africa
Chicago Park District
San Francisco International Airport
Several US Departments of Transportation

Join us as we explore the real benefits which can be derived from a modern Smart City Projects management platform with the the goal of demonstrating financial governance and control to potential infrastructure investors.


Werner Maritz
Director, Public Sector and Infrastructure Industry Strategy

Werner Maritz is the Director for Public Sector and Infrastructure Industry Strategy for Oracle. As an industrial engineer, Werner has spent 16 years in the engineering and construction industry with a focus on large capital projects, management and control systems. Werner has been with Oracle Primavera for more than three years. His work focuses on public sector infrastructure development programs at the national, regional and local government level. He has worked with multiple government entities to define, develop and implement Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions to deliver Monitoring and Evaluation capability in National Infrastructure Development Plans.

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