The Latest Release of P6 EPPM 17.7

P6 17 continues the process of removing Java-based applets from the application in exchange for pages written in HTML5. The HTML-based pages load faster and do not require additional plug-ins.

Download the PDF here and the Presentation Pack here

The Standard (HTML-based) pages generally offer the same functionality as the Classic (Java-based) pages, though some pages have been redesigned. Common elements of new HTML pages are documented below, using the Activities page as an example.

what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_02 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_06 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_10 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_12 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_13 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_17 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_18 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_21 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_22 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_23 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_24 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_27 what_s_new_in_oracle_s_primavera_p6_eppm_v17_Page_28N

The following pages are updated to HTML5 in P6 17.7: • Activity Network (including Trace Logic) • Print and Print Preview (available as Save to PDF) • Document Viewer The following HTML5 page is added in P6 17.6: Assignments page, which includes resource allocation analysis, in the Projects section. The following page is updated to HTML5 in P6 17.5: • Capacity Planning (note that scenarios are not available in the new Standard View) P6 17.5 also includes the following HTML page enhancement: • Import/Export views from the Activities page. Classic and Standard views can be exported, and then imported as Standard user views. The following pages are updated to HTML5 in P6 17.4: • Manage Portfolios • Open Portfolios P6 17.4 also includes the following HTML page enhancements: • Add WBS nodes, including their activities, on the Activities page. • Add columns for Project, WBS, and Activity UDFs on the Resource Assignments page.

The following pages were updated to HTML5 in P6 17.3: • View Calendar: EPS, Activites, Resource Assignments, and Resource Administration pages. • Dashboards: My Issues Portlet. • New Administration tab. The following pages were updated to HTML5 in P6 17.2: • Global and Project Scheduled Services. These have also been streamlined into a single page, available from the Administer menu. • Dashboards: Customize Dashboard Pickers, My Calendar Portlet. • Status Updates: This page has been added to the new Approvals section, along with the Timesheets approval page. • My Preferences. P6 17.2 also includes the following HTML page enhancements: • The Resource Assignments page supports multiple views. • The EPS page includes Global Search & Replace. The following pages were updated to HTML5 in P6 17.1: • User Interface Views. • Update Existing Users from LDAP. P6 17.1 also includes the the following HTML page enhancements: • Duration and project UDF values roll up -- for example to the EPS or WBS level. • Move Left and Move Right options are available, to reposition an item in the WBS, EPS or other hierarchy. • Interval-based grouping has been added.

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