Primavera Portfolio Management 8.0 Core


Primavera Portfolio Management Datasheet

This course covers key portfolio management concepts, including portfolio management operating structures, governance structures, and business processes.

Students learn to create and analyze data captured in Primavera Portfolio Management, including detailed instructions on creating scorecards, query-based portfolios, investor maps, dashboards, and configuring views for executives. This is a self-paced learning course.


  • Primavera Portfolio Management End User Fundamentals
  • Primavera Portfolio Management Analytics
  • Primavera Portfolio Management Configuration
  • Primavera Portfolio Management System Administrator
  • Primavera Portfolio Management Advanced Functions

Detailed step-by-step and case study-driven instruction is provided

Learn To:

  • Manage all Data within ProSight Portfolios 6
  • Enter and revise data
  • Create an Investor Map
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Configure the analytical environment to evaluate each investment
  • Configure process flows using existing interactive forms and analysis tools


Topics Include:

  • Navigation
  • Portfolio and Folder Structures
  • Using Forms
  • Managing Data on Scorecards
  • Collaboration
  • My ProSight
  • Investor Maps
  • Graphs & Dashboards
  • Creating Scorecards
  • Query-Based Portfolios
  • Investor Maps
  • Creating Tables
  • Graphs & Dashboards
  • Workbooks
  • The Setup Module
  • Categories and Value Lists
  • Data Exchange with MS Excel
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Managing Existing Folders, Objects, and Items
  • Configuring Hierarchies and Security
  • Managing Users and User Groups
  • Advanced Security

This course also prepares you for the knowledge required to pass the Oracle exam

Exam candidates who score a passing grade on the Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials (1Z0-544) exam will be recognized as Primavera Portfolio Management 9 Certified Implementation Specialists. This certification qualifies as competency criteria for the Primavera Portfolio Management 9 Specialization.

The Primavera Portfolio Management Essentials (1Z0-544) exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise implementing and/or developing Portfolio Management solutions. This certification exam covers topics on core elements such as: System Set-up, Portfolio Analytics, Administrative Capabilities, and Advanced Calculative Functions, in the context of typical use case implementations.

The exam validates both knowledge and implementation skills. Field experience is strongly recommended.


Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • Describe the concept of a Portfolio
  • Describe the main steps in the Portfolio Management Process
  • Describe the Building Blocks of Primavera Portfolio Management

Fundamentals of Primavera Portfolio Management

  • Navigate Primavera Portfolio Management
  • Update Preferences

Introduction to Portfolio and Folder Structures

  • Navigate Portfolio Structures
  • Use the Search feature

Introduction to Forms

  • Identify Data Types in Forms
  • Enter and Save data in a data-entry field
  • Print and Export Forms

Introduction to Scorecards

  • Work with Scorecards and Portfolios
  • Use Direct Update
  • Print and Export Scorecards

Processes Pane Basics

  • Create Links (Portfolio Links, Document Links , WEB links, Text Links)
  • Edit My Processes

Introduction to Investor Maps

  • Customize the Investor Map
  • Utilize What-If Mode functionality

Work with Investor Maps

  • Use Filters
  • Find Specific Items

Introduction to Graphs and Dashboards

  • View a Dashboard
  • Modify graph information

Introduction to Workbooks

  • Access a Management Workbook
  • Navigate Management Workbook tabs


Section 1: Analytics

Create Scorecards

  • Create a new Scorecard
  • Apply Security Settings to the Scorecard

Query-Based Portfolios

  • Create a Query Based Portfolio

Work with Investor Maps

  • Create an Investor Map

Create Tables

  • Create Tables

Work with Graphs and Dashboards

  • Create Graphs
  • Create Dashboards

Work with Workbooks

  • Customize Management Workbooks


Section 2: Configuration

Work with Categories

  • Create and maintain Categories

Work with Value Lists

  • Create and maintain Value Lists

Work with Forms

  • Design Forms

Data Exchange between MS Excel and PPM

  • Copy and Paste from PPM to Excel
  • Copy and Paste from Excel to PPM

Work with Alerts

  • Create and maintain Alerts

Manage existing Folders, Portfolios, Objects and Items

  • Manage existing Folders, Portfolios, Objects and Items

Manage Users and User Groups

  • Manage Users and User Groups

Configure Hierarchies and Security

  • Configure Hierarchies and Security

Work with My Processes

  • Create and Maintain My Processes


Section 3: System Administration

Using the Admin Window

  • Use the Admin Window to manage the Portfolio Management System
  • Perform system administration tasks
  • Define and configure access settings

Use the PPM Console

  • View the PPM Version and Status
  • Start and Stop the PPM and Internet Information Server
  • Manage PPM Databases

Use the PPM Menu and Server Utilities

  • Determine which tasks are performed on only front-end, only back-end or on all the servers
  • Perform PPM Maintenance tasks
  • Perform Server Utilities tasks

Import and Export PPM Packages

  • Explain Packages concept
  • Perform import and export tasks


Section 4: Advanced Functions

Create and Maintain Functions

  • Create and Maintain Functions

Advanced Functions

  • Use the Advanced Functions Editor to create and edit functions

Basics of JavaScript

  • Use the Advanced Function Editor to create advanced functions


Section 5: Workflows

Introduction to Workflows

  • Describe key functional components of Portfolio Management Workflows

Create a Workflow

  • Access the Workflow Wizard
  • Enter General Workflow Information
  • Select Instance Defaults
  • Select a Manager

Design a Workflow (Steps and Tasks)

  • Design Workflow Steps and Tasks

Design a Workflow (Insert Decision Steps)

  • Insert Decision Steps

Assign Permissions and Test

  • Assign Permissions for the Workflow
  • Test a Workflow

Manage Workflows

  • View Workflows in the Guide Pane
  • Stop and Start Workflows
  • Edit a Workflow that is Running


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