Primavera Gateway Release 15.2 – September 2015

Webcast in September 2015 showcasing

  • Overview of Primavera Gateway
  • Primavera Gateway 15.2 new features
  • Inventory of OOTB integrations

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Integrating Primavera internally and with 3rd Party Products

– Spans across all asset intensive industries
– Supports all project driven use cases
– ERP agnostic design

• Extensible
– Adjustable to customer specific needs and requirements

• Supported
– All Oracle Solution
– On-going development to enhance the Gateway and stay current with platforms and current versions of
integrated products

Continuing effort to enhance Primavera standard integration platform with more OOTB options

  • Framework enhancements to support ‘loose-coupled” integration
  • Support for P6 events
  • Enhanced EBS Provider to support integration with Project Financials without dependency on Project Management module
  • Usability Enhancements –managing logs; Data Maps generation
  • Cloud-friendly Primavera providers

Primavera Gateway Information - Useful Links

Integrations overview:

Product documentation:

Partner enabled gateway connectors:
OP3 Oracle E-Business Suite Provider for Primavera Gateway that connects EBS Project

Accounting with Primavera P6.

Maxavera Provider for Primavera Gateway that enables Primavera P6 integrations with
systems like Maximo, Ventyx, SAP and others.

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