N110 Use Primavera P6 Professional without a database client

Since release 8.4, users are able to create local stand alone databases without the need for a database client (such as Oracle XE or Microsoft SQL). Instead Primavera provides another data connection method called SQLite.

This is extremely useful for data cleansing and off-line usage scenarios. As seen in tutorial T102 Installing Primavera P6 Professional (Desktop) on Windows, an install using Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) takes about 20 minutes.

This functionality, available in release 8.4+ and in the current (15.1) reduces the install time considerably. To use, simply create a new database connection and point to the location of where you want the database file to be stored.

You can create as many local file-based databases as you like, so long as you have enough hard disk memory.



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